Borehole Pipes and Accessories in Zimbabwe

At Borehole Solutions Zimbabwe we stock a vast amount of Borehole Pipes and Borehole Accessories. 

We only supply the best Borehole Pipes as we believe our customers need the best. Borehole Solutions Zimbabwe also offer other services such as full Borehole Contracting and Borehole Drilling Services.

ABOUT UPVC COLUMN PIPES: Borehole Solutions Zimbabwe's vast experience and successful track record in the pump industry spanning 10 years facilitate not only to enhance the range of pumps and motors but also to produce and supply quality pumping accessories. uPVC pipes are one among such accessories produced with specially designed formulation under integrated quality control systems, right from sourcing raw materials. Also, adequate safety factors have been considered in designing the pipes to have maximum weight carrying capacity.
Borehole Pipes and Accessories in Zimbabwe
Borehole Pipes and Accessories in Zimbabwe
These pipes are specially designed for submersible pumps, capable of handling both internal hydrostatic pressure as well as high tensile load caused by the pump weight and column water pressure and weight. In general, the first pipe fitted with the pump will be subjected to high hydrostatic pressure and the topmost one has to withstand the entire weight of the column water and pump.

The unique formulation used in the manufacture of these borehole pipes ensures that the threads do not turn brittle, break or chip during the entire life cycle. The threading and dimension standards maintained make these pipes ideally suitable for use as column borehole pipes for submersible pumps worldwide. These pipes are produced in different types which can be selected according to the installation requirements.

SELECTION OF BOREHOLE PIPES: The column pipes must be selected from the types available so that the pump delivery pressure does not exceed the permissible hydrostatic pressure. In the column, for every 10m above the pump, there is a pressure drop of 1 kg/cm². If the pump delivery pressure is high, two different class pipes of the same size can be used, instead of using the same type of pipes alone for the entire depth, to make it cost-effective. Heavy type pipes can be used up to the required length starting from pump and medium-plus, standard type pipes can be used for the remaining length. An illustration is given below.

While selecting the pipe it must be ensured that the total load is very well within the recommended ultimate breaking load.

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The Cost or Prices For Borehole Drilling in Zimbabwe:

1. Siting: $100.00USD
2. Drilling and Casing: (40 Metres) $1300.00USD - (Using Class 6)
3. AC Electrical Installation: $1000.00USD
4. Solar Pump Installation: $1400.00USD
5. Extra Metres After 40 Metres: USD $45.00USD per metre.
6. 5000 Litre Tank and 4 metre Tank Stand: $1000.00USD
7. Stuck Pump Fishing Out: $180.00USD
8. Capacity Testing: $250.00USD

- Casing with Class 9 Casing incurs an additional $200.00USD.
- Double Casing: $20.00USD per metre.

Note this is the average price borehole companies charge for their services in Zimbabwe, but this figure is subject to changes if conditions are different depending on the construction site.

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